22 Jun

I attended a wedding this past weekend in Bermuda and wore a dress, very similar in shape to this one here on Kirsten Dunst, to the rehearsal dinner.  Now mine was solid purple, had longer sleeves, and was a hand-me-down (one that I monitored for 5 years) from BMarshall but the idea was the same.  While I paired mine with giant (7 inch heel, 4 inch platform….oh the wonder that was me at 5’7″!!! and yes, I am still paying for it 5 days later, oy my shins) silver and wood heels (by the JSimp no less) and 2 pairs of Spanx, that was really to support my own insecurities, the dress was so flattering that even though I’m not at my fighting weight (I know, I know, body issues rear their ugly heads…..but its my blog and I’ll obsess if I want to) all I really need was a pair of seamless (no VPL) underpants and a good bra.  Kiki’s dress here is very ladylike and demure but not stodgy and the allure factor exists in how the silk skims the body (you don’t have to flash cleavage or a lot of leg to be sexy).  So many life lessons, so little time.



22 Jun

Before anybody says anything, let me just put this out there: the pattern on this skirt is ugly as all get out.  Trust me, I’m aware.  It’s a hot mess but if we can look past the jacked up pattern, let’s all take a deep breathe and discuss the shape of what’s happening here cause it’s sort of addictive.  Now, I love a long skirt but as they are hard to pair with long flouncy top and will make you look shorter than a smurf I tend to not wear them.  Ashlee Simpson here is taller than your average bird and super skinny which (like it or not) is the perf body type for this silhouette (lord, try as I might, I cannot spell that word with out looking it up).  The tiny tank is adorable and has a very vintage-y feel.  I love a tiny sliver of upper midriff….its sassy but not skanky and lets all give a holla that she’s not hiding her growing out pixie ‘do under a flat brimmed Amish chapeau.  On a certain level , this dress feels like a throwback to the grunge era… something a starlet would wear in Sassy pictorial……and like it or not, that’s always fine by me.

Super 8

9 Jun

This dress is turning out to be a bit of a modified monet (gorgeous from a distance but up close its a hot mess).  Little Elle Fanning (the super tall, 13 year old sister of Dakota) tends to ride the fence of age appropriate ensembles ( she in no way dresses to skanky for her age but she sometimes makes choices that feel too mature or sophisticated, like she was playing dress up in a quirky 35 year old’s wardrobe).  At first glance I loved this dress (much like my reaction to most of Isabel Lucas’s hippie dippie choices) but upon closer examination its looks a little cheap (although I’m sure its not).  While I enjoy the rose gold beading, up close the whole look just reads a wee bit Renaissance Fair…..I am not the most supportive fan of the Society of Creative Anachronisms (especially the oft abused Renaissance Era….but thats a whole other blog).   Long story short, Elle here is only 13, she’s just learning and thus I’m not judging…..too much.

Mrs. Krasinski

9 Jun

J’adore Emily Blunt!!! That and I’m totes jealous of her (she is tres gorge, has an awesome career, is British, seems very witty and is married to John “Jim Halpert” Krasinski…..pretty sure her life does not secretly suck).  I hadn’t seen much of her lately and then she appeared! A vision in tea length black sequins!!!  A-mah-zing!!  Em is brilliant at creating a high/low juxtaposition with her outfits.  Case in point: fancy, sparkly dress with way low key hair and make up and like, a metallic, woven hipster/hippie/hamptons sandal.  A shoe I finally can live with! And its such a random choice for this dress and YET it totally works.  Why is that you ask??? Say it with me now: bit doesn’t have to match, it just has to go!!!

Bunny Bunny Bunny

9 Jun

This is Amber Heard.  She is an up and coming Hollywood starlet ( she has a Nicolas Cage film under her belt, she may be australian, she is a confirmed lesbian, and she will be starring in the new Playboy show as a Bunny in the fall…..she is about as 2011 as an actress can get).  As she lands on more and more red (purple, as the case may be) carpets, she has been continually making some fantastic fashion choices.  She tends to lean towards the slightly fussy, ladylike looks but she makes it work and this ensemble by Cynthia Rowley is no exception.  With a dress like this, you have two roads you can take pretty much. One, go against the preciousness of the dress and keep the rest of the look a little undone, simple and rough. Or two, you do what Amber here as done and follow the theme that the dress provides: Done, Done,Done…..done hair, done make up, done shoes.  All smooth and lovely and as the dress is a bit of a late ’50’s/early ’60’s throwback embrace the accessories, hair and make up of that time (of course finding the balance between whispering of a genre and costumifying a look……one of these is the wrong choice, its not a theme party, the era should echo not scream.)  All in all, AH’s look at the CFDA Awards confirms, once again, that this little bunny came to play.

Roses Supposes

7 Jun

It was a banner (well if banner means 2) Marchesa mini dress night for Emma Watson.  Though she and the Harry Potter crew may have lost, a lot, to the Twilight kiddies (I mean I enjoy Twilight as much as the next lady BUT good god the American, well, MTV voting populace can be so fn generic) at the MTV Movie Awards last night, she is a winner in this neon, lemon-lime number (see how I did that??). It has a chiffon peplum!!!! I die!  Now, as usual I have a shoe issue….or at least a better shoe idea: I mean, in the midst of the uber shiny foiled pumps, that come in gold, silver, bronze and copper, wouldn’t a rose gold in the same material be absolutely a-mah-zing????? I mean Emma’s brushed gold is fine but a tad wah-wah especially when everything from the knees up is oh so fabby loo (I mean just look at her lipstick!!! what is that brilliant opaque yet glossy super bright coral??? Loves!) She is even working out the in- transition post pixie cut. So bravo Edubs and if anybody knows an up and coming cobbler who wants to collaborate on some rose gold platforms on the cheap, CALL ME!


5 Jun

I can’t lie, I made it through the first 20 minutes of Kick-Ass and then gave the f up BUT a big highlight of those 20 minutes was Chloe (I don’t know how to make an umlaut happen over that e) Moretz.  She was like 12 in that film, dirty mouth and all, and is now maybe MAYBE 15 and yet her she is, in a very complicated bodice at an event at The Royal Dramatic Academy in London.  This is a dress that rides the fine line of mature and yet, seemingly, age appropriate.  J’adore the big, lush bun on her head (oh how I envy those blessed with thick hair) and strappy sandals are….well…..I don’t love them BUT at least they are distracting or competing with the look.  Bravo to this lil’ up and comer!