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Not So Swiss Miss

10 Aug

I said it about a minute ago and I’ll say it again now: I love me some fringe!!!!  I also love gold (I love rose gold more….for those of you who feel a desire to keep lists of things that I love…..someone is keeping a list, right??) This dress is a one of kind Gucci and while Olivia Wilde had a rough week in Switzerland where she was in town to promote “Cowboys and Aliens” (someone, O W, was unaware that Swiss was not a language) but this dress was a very smart choice.  Its different and creative, its subtly sexy and sophisticated in a very modern, hipster sort of way.  It is one of the best gowns I’ve seen in awhile….it feels a little McQueen, a little primal (primal in the fashiony sense that is….its a thing, don’t argue with me!)  It’s fabulous and I love it.


Once Upon A Time

10 Aug

I am aware of my many quirky fashion obsessions, amongst a few, all things Olsen, dark green and actresses who continue to work their pixie hair cuts for years.  One of these girls is my beloved Ginnifer Goodwin.  She is the cutest, admits to needing Weight Watchers as an eating lifestyle choice and makes ballsy fashion choices.  Her ensemble at this event to promote her new show ‘Once Upon a Time’ (its about fairytales mixing with modern day…so excited!!!) is a kook y take on an lbd.  Its by 3.1 Philip Lim, done in satin with very interesting darting and mini fringe on the arms (I love fringe….not quite so much when its in a reduced length but c’est la vie). Ginny is a smart girl and kept everything else simple.  I am wary of the lace Jimmy Choo shooties but I have a feeling that in person the fabrication mixing came off as less severe (damn photo lighting).  As per usual, GG can do no wrong for me.