Mann Up

26 Jul

Leslie Mann!!! I have wanted to BE Leslie Mann since “George of the Jungle’!! I love her voice, her hair, she’s this totally sexy mama who comes off, no matter the circumstances, as a real person (remember her as Katherine Heigl’s older sister in ‘Knocked Up’ she and Paul Rudd were fabulous.)  We do not, however, see Leslie Mann on the red carpet very much.  In addition to being an actress in her own right, she is married to Judd Apatow (remember the adorable kids in ‘Knocked Up’?? those are the actual Apatow kids, Maude and Iris) but we do not not see her at a ton of events and when we do she tends to look rather non-descript…..until now!!! This is Mrs.Apatow at the Bafta Event (aka how Hollywood gets to hang with Will and Kate but tries to make it look legit).  I think this sherbet-ty column is by L’Wren Scott and it has a fabulous slit up the side.  She looks young but not in an affected way and the hair is big but awesome blow out big, not excessive, closer to God, big.  All in all, if she keeps look like this a coming (she has a movie with jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds coming out soon) I will remain one devoted fan.


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