Baby, Its Cold Outside?

19 Jul

ok, now I am in love love love with this a-mah-zing Giambattista Valli ensemble.  J’adore the red and fuschia color blocking and the non-combative, nude Louboutins (but possibly Jack Vartanian heels, the issue is under advisement).  We all know I am obsessed with peplum skirts and that I love a formal long sleeve but just looking at that sweater ( that’s right…this is 2 pieces and the top half is made of cashmere) makes me melt.  This was the look Emma Stone chose for the NEW YORK premiere of ‘Friends with Benefits’ last night…..and short of one, rather unhelpful downpour….it was steamy-liscious last night.  Maybe this sweater in the summer shit flies in LA where from looking at pictures of fashion choices in recent weeks its either 70 degrees with a brisk wind or everyone there has lost their damn minds and just can’t resist tossing on outerwear when they exit the house.  Ok, I may be suffering from heatstroke and am starting to ramble.  Let’s just say this: Emma, this look is fabulous but I would felt more comfortable had you worn it in,say, early october.  I’m concerned for your health here most of all. xoxo


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