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Mann Up

26 Jul

Leslie Mann!!! I have wanted to BE Leslie Mann since “George of the Jungle’!! I love her voice, her hair, she’s this totally sexy mama who comes off, no matter the circumstances, as a real person (remember her as Katherine Heigl’s older sister in ‘Knocked Up’ she and Paul Rudd were fabulous.)  We do not, however, see Leslie Mann on the red carpet very much.  In addition to being an actress in her own right, she is married to Judd Apatow (remember the adorable kids in ‘Knocked Up’?? those are the actual Apatow kids, Maude and Iris) but we do not not see her at a ton of events and when we do she tends to look rather non-descript…..until now!!! This is Mrs.Apatow at the Bafta Event (aka how Hollywood gets to hang with Will and Kate but tries to make it look legit).  I think this sherbet-ty column is by L’Wren Scott and it has a fabulous slit up the side.  She looks young but not in an affected way and the hair is big but awesome blow out big, not excessive, closer to God, big.  All in all, if she keeps look like this a coming (she has a movie with jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds coming out soon) I will remain one devoted fan.


Everything’s Coming Up Olsen

26 Jul

As we have discussed before I have a severe obsession with all things (mostly fashion…..crap, thats a lie, everything) Olsen.  Like this outfit, for instance, on Miss Ashley.   It is the epitome of the ladylike trend of summer 2011….a full, modest, textured skirts (we are about to get full, longish Garden skirts at J.Crew, so so so beyond excited), a buttoned, tailored, crisp mens style white shirt and a structured, non flip flop thong (shoe).  The Olsens’ have always clung to the trend of the round frame sunnies (although MK tends to lean toward the extreme vintage in a severe Lennon style a super modern ombre lens(ed) Chanel) and Ashley’s large, Jackie O-esque frames do not disapoint.  This look is very chic and very simple, yet chock full of details which, in the end, is so the Olsen way.

Baby, Its Cold Outside?

19 Jul

ok, now I am in love love love with this a-mah-zing Giambattista Valli ensemble.  J’adore the red and fuschia color blocking and the non-combative, nude Louboutins (but possibly Jack Vartanian heels, the issue is under advisement).  We all know I am obsessed with peplum skirts and that I love a formal long sleeve but just looking at that sweater ( that’s right…this is 2 pieces and the top half is made of cashmere) makes me melt.  This was the look Emma Stone chose for the NEW YORK premiere of ‘Friends with Benefits’ last night…..and short of one, rather unhelpful downpour….it was steamy-liscious last night.  Maybe this sweater in the summer shit flies in LA where from looking at pictures of fashion choices in recent weeks its either 70 degrees with a brisk wind or everyone there has lost their damn minds and just can’t resist tossing on outerwear when they exit the house.  Ok, I may be suffering from heatstroke and am starting to ramble.  Let’s just say this: Emma, this look is fabulous but I would felt more comfortable had you worn it in,say, early october.  I’m concerned for your health here most of all. xoxo

Kourtney with a ‘K’

12 Jul

Ok…and we’re off to a running start!  Here’s what: I don’t hate this.  I judge/have issue with parts of it but as a whole (and god does it ever hurt me to say this) I am really enjoying it. Let’s begin with what I don’t like (just to make my soul feel a little better for promoting a Kardashian) 1. while I get the shoe choice and respect the neutral color, OMFG get a new style of shoe Kourtney!!! I’m short too (well and poor but thats besides the point) but one needn’t always counteract a vertical deficiency with the world’s highest Louboutin! Just try a little harder…you could have worn a pointy toe, none platform or , god forbid, a FLAT! I’m just saying…. 2.the hem here is le wonky.  It’s July, show some ankle.  3. I get that orange is the classic Hermes brand color BUT does everyone have to have the orange Birkin??? Jessica Simpson just got the same one for her birthday (no this is not just my jealously talking….. I would want the bright blue…..I mean I wouldn’t turn down the orange obviously but I’d prefer the blue, tyvm.

Now for the stuff I do like: 1. the romper/jumpsuit.  Its a fun color/pattern and the neckline is sexy but still reasonable for daytime. I even like the belt and that she seems happy to promote her curves.  2. red lips with very little make up.  I find the Kardashians tend to play it safe with make-up….heavy, smoky eyes and pale/neutral lip usually.  Kourtney here look very modern and pretty but in a quirky, slightly hipster way….J’approve.  3. HER HAIR IS NOT BLOWN OUT STRAIGHT.  I don’t love my curly hair and sympathize with others about corkscrew difficulties but people like the KK here have the time and team to help manage difficult hair and I’m glad she had the courage to rock some waveage.

All in all, Miss Kourtney, I see you and I hear you.  Welcome.