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31 May

For the past few weeks ‘Interview with a Vampire’ has been playing on a constant rotation on the Oxygen Channel (hmmm… might be SyFy and btw can we take une moment to discuss how stupid that spelling of SyFy is??? ok, deep breathe and moving on….).  Now, coincidentally, one of the stars of that film, Ms. Kirsten ‘Kiki’ Dunst has recently made her return to the screen in ‘Melacholia’.  This looks to be a wicked weird film by Lars Von Trier BUT it won her a big acting award at Cannes and plopped her front and center of every red carpet.  I love the Kiki, as she wears the designers that I would totally rock if I had events (and the money) to attend like she does.  She is practically the Rodarte poster child and for this latest tour has been little miss Chanel.  This outfit pictured is Chanel Haute Couture (so seemingly simple and yet look carefully at the detail…a-mah-zing).  What interesting is that in this picture she really does look like Claudia (her vampire child character), if Claudia had been able to grow up ( I haven’t sat through the whole movie recently BUT I did recently catch the scene where Claudia hides the body under all her dolls, flips her shit on Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt upon realizing she will never grow up, cuts her hair off, it grows back and then she poisons Tom Cruise….DRAMA).  Basically at 13 I wanted to be Kirsten Dunst and now, at 29 I want to be her again…..or at least be her friend, with closet privileges.


Know Your Rights

25 May

I love when Angelina Jolie wears color!!!!!! And this red Jenny Packham is no exception (although I do so love her in a green moment)  Angie here has pulled off the risky move of matching lips to dress, which seems to work because she kept the rest of face bare and has simple hair.  She actually has let her lips (and tattoos) be the only accessories which is brilliant.  Though this dress is not patterned or printed it still has a lot going on (bright color, ribbon detail, one shoulder, ruffle/ruching)  and jewelry would have have been distracting and up do would have been competitive.  When Angelina comes to play, she comes to win.

Everybodies Got the Right…..

25 May

Everybody’s a designer these days.  Well, by everybody, I obviously mean every actress who likes clothes and whose primary acting career is not keeping them as busy as they would like (much like how every celeb is also now a perfume maker, Kate Walsh and the Beibs being the latest).  Anyway, Katie Holmes is no exception.  However, she has gone the route of working with her personal stylist and together they have created Holmes and Yang, which primarily seems like a way to make clothes exactly the way Mrs.Cruise likes them (and I think was the spawn of Katie commissioning precious and unique outfits for the perpetually adorable, yet weather inappropriate Suri).  The look shown here is a H&Y original and while the color is tres gorge its a whole lot of look.  Now, Katie is a tall girl and can rock a lot of fabric but this may be pushing it just a skotch.


25 May

So I saw Bridesmaids yesterday and it was brilliant!!! Although I will say that after viewing two hours of Kristen Wiig, Chynna Phillips  and Rose Byrne’s skinny mini physique’s, I may never eat again, like never ever BUT my disordered food issues aside, let’s talk shop here.  Melissa McCarthy (Megan in Bridesmaids and Sookie on my beloved Gilmore Girls

The Hunger Games

20 May

One of my fave girls has been cast in one of my fave book series (yes I read young adult novels! not ashamed! well I’m a little ashamed BUT I have tons of defensive justification least of all being that YA books are Waaaay cheaper thsn regular grown up fiction!!! who knew??).  The girl is Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence and the book series is the Hunger Games.  The plot is rather long winded but involves post apocalyptic America and the future of reality tv where a yearly event puts 24 teens in arena of doom and has them fight to the death.  JL plays the heroine, Katniss Everdeen and Katniss has brown hair and now Jennifer does too.  Now, Miss Jennifer had been getting lots of press about her smart fashion choices, curvy body, and throw back to ’70’s and ’80’s styled  brushed, bouncy, big blonde hair.  I am always intrigued to see how people adapt to these big life changes ( and omfg we are so not going to discuss the dress she wearing cause what is happening with that hem?? oy) and for the first time out as a brunette, there has been no attempt at adaptation.  Here’s a rule of thumb, just like when you dye your hair you need to re-evaluate your make up choices, when you dye your hair you also need to make styling changes.  She would have looked a-mah-zing with a straight ‘do or if she needed some bigness, a messy ponytail, teased at the crown.  Just a thought, as I mean, no one asked me (but maybe they should have.)

Regina George

18 May

Rachel McAdams in Louis Vuitton ( and some rockin’ pointy toe Louboutins, so so glad we aren’t looking at giant platforms right now and I am almost ok with the stark white and black juxtaposition).  Now look carefully, this dress is not just white silk BUT white on white embossed leopard print!!  The slit is sexy but not skanky and the deep V and 3/4 length sleeves are brilliant.  Between Cannes (the red lace and nude Marchesa was a-mah-zing!!) and now the press tour for Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” Ms.McAdams is knocking it out of the park, fashion wise that is.

Stranger Tides

17 May

So, does everybody remember, back at the Oscars, when Anne Hathaway wore that a-mah-zing blue Armani Prive gown and we were told that the original version had been done in red BUT she wasn’t allowed to wear red red at that point in the show (god knows why? the year before people couldn’t wear white ruining Rachel Zoe’s dream of like all of her clients having white moments….again.) Anyway, Penelope Cruz here is wearing a version of that dress in the red and omfg if I don’t love it way more in the red than I did in the blue!!!! What is that fabric???? It’s totally ridic but in a really good way! Penelope is everywhere right now, showing off her rebounded post baby body and promoting Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  This is beyond my fave choice of the looks she has worn in the past few weeks (it has a sleeve and we know I adore a sleeve) and the ruby, structured clutch is perfection.  Oh, I’m in love and could just stare at this all day!