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29 Apr

I realize, in the grand scheme of the day, that I am late to the party BUT here is a quick rundown of my oh-so important thoughts and opinion of the WEDDING DRESS.  The newly appointed (annointed?) Duchess of Cambridge (ok so wait is she also a Princess?….I do not get how this all works, I can’t even figure out how to generate my own ‘bristish nobility name’ and I assume its as easy as figuring out your porn star name….mine is Marnie Blawenburg/county rt.13, very sexy, not at all sounding like a jewish grandmother….but I digress).

The rumo(u)rs of Kate wearing an Alexander McQueen dress (designed by Sarah Burton for the House) proved to be true.  The dress itself does not scream McQueen but thats not surprising…..however, its lovely and royal and that was really the point.  Considering the bridesmaids dresses were embroidered were the girls names and dates in the hems,I can only imagine and am dying to know, the secret touches on the wedding dress and we all know I love a sleeve so in the world where my happiness counts (i.e.the world of this blog) ,I am very pleased.


Color Me Badd

26 Apr

So who knew I liked Lake Bell this much? Well, I don’t, per se BUT this is such a great example of the color blocking trend that just won’t go away (I enjoying color blocking on others but not so much on me….no real concrete reasoning behind that just doesn’t feel right on my person, like unorganicly placed, decorative zippers.).  I mean heck,Oprah, is even rocking the color block (ing)….I really didn’t want to rhyme there.  I will say I do enjoy the DIY-ness of Bell’s particular ensemble (as opposed to different colors blocked on one dress or the Gucci ensembles that all seem to have to go together just so) and we all know I love peculiar things that are also leather i.e. the mustard yellow pencil skirt.  I also am totally love the quirky color combo (they seem to be in the same shade family somehow) and dark green, mustard, purple and tan, is nothing if not rather ambitious.

…and everybody’s got a random.

26 Apr

I am really enjoying how fashionventuress (I create words….I have lots of time on my hands) Emma Stone is!  Now, granted, she’s built like a model (5’20” and 8lbs) so clothes hang correctly without much manipulation on her frame but look how fun this dress is at the Louis Vuitton store opening (that mirror shot is oh so helpful).  The neutral satin Louboutins are a safe but classy choice and the striped clutch is rather rando BUT still works! And why does it work??? well, the answer is in our motto/mantra here at Don’t Mock the Clothes (Fashion Show at Lunch): It doesn’t have to MATCH it just has to GO.

Winter Kate

21 Apr

This whole look is just so quintessential Nicole Richie, except in 2011 she looks just oh-so-healthy and not so arex…so bravo to that! (the babies have helped I’m sure).  I feel I am starting to move beyond the boho chic renaissance head dress but I adore the velvet long sleeved mini dress!!!! Just so chic and yet cheeky and fun…I worry bending over or hugging people may be an issue but who am I to judge?


21 Apr

Obviously, in my fantasies about all things twin (non-dirty that is), I like to imagine that the Olsen’s are much like the Wakefield’s* just with way better style, i.e. they share a bathroom and spend days discussing outfits before an event.  However, this photo would lead me to believe that they just bumped into eachother on the red carpet and decided to do a quick show and tell….which is sort of adorable. Or possibly Ashley is just stunned over Mary Kate wearing so much color and not just being draped in fabric.  Love love love the coral pants by the way.

*Wakefield’s-the twins from Sweet Valley High and now Sweet Valley Confidential….which was sooooooooooooooo bad, that I couldn’t even get past chapter 3.  I mean I knew it would be bad but I was hoping for campy, awesome bad not just abject suckage.


19 Apr

Maggie Gyllenhaal….your jeans are not what I want them to be.  I want them with a slightly wider leg, and no front pockets (cause who do those ever flatter?? honestly, I mean…..) and a slightly higher waist.  Let’s not even get me started on the shoes, because I have a feeling thats a battle I just should not pick.  No,no, we are here to discuss your jacket….sweater….fur swacket? (does the sound dirty to anybody else?), whatever is the correct term or just what you chose to call it….well,its pretty fabulous.  It mixes two of my favorite things: cable knit in a warm, cozy looking neutral shade and (seemingly) vintage fur.  I love the shape of the sleeve, the fur collar but sweater banding at the waist.  I am going to quit while we’re ahead, but yay for you Maggie, yay.


18 Apr

So this dress is like the best thing I’ve seen all week!! It goes with out saying that I love almost all things green, so these Brian Atwood heels are totes perf in my book and Lake Bell is someone who can be hit or miss fashion wise for me….but this dress (not shockingly I don’t love the belt but I get and respect it), well I am just super taken with it.  I love the structure and clean lines (the purple clutch is sort of whatevs but I am glad its not matched to the shoes).  Everytime I look at this dress I notice something new….this time I spotted the specific draping of the skirt.  Good good dress.