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Great Expectations

29 Mar

  I am evidently becoming a person who can tolerate, nay, enjoy colored fur.  I mean, not on me per se…. but in general, or maybe just on certain people, like my friend Sarah Jessica Parker*.  Now SJP (and yes I do know and respect the difference between Sarah Jessica and the fictional character Carrie Bradshaw) falls into the realm where I keep my beloved Olsen Twins, where I see very little wrong with even the strangest clothing choices.  As for this look, I love that this just thrown on for a casual day and yet every piece is individually fabulous.   We should all aspire to love and cherish all of our clothing as separate entities and not just the collective look that they create.

*I do not know SJP personally, I mean yes we met in a bathroom when I was 3, but I have just loved her for so long that I refer to her as my friend……which is totes normal. Totes.


Are You a Hundred?

28 Mar

I usually find that Emmy Rossum gives off a pretentious vibe but I hear that Shameless is….pretty cool.  This dress is also…pretty cool.  I, personally, would have accessorized with a not so red lipstick as I feel it fights the gorgeous green fabric.  I would have done a smoky eye with a nude lip, or a soft pink and if a bold lip was of absolute insistance, purple (but shade off from the belt) or for the badass, blackberry.


28 Mar

and speaking of the Olsen twins this reminds me of an amazing dress that Ashley Olsen wore (possibly to this Metropolitan Opera event) last year.  It may be the outfit that spawned the wonder that is Fashion Show at Lunch.  I think this dress on Rebecca Hall is brilliant, such a vibrant color and the sparkly belt takes the cake.  Her simple hair and make up don’t pull focus and let this super awesome dress be showcased.  She strikes me as a very smart girl, she chooses great movies and even greater orange (cherry tomato) gowns

Row Row Row (Your Boat)

28 Mar

I get that I am, well for lack of a better or less stalkerific term, an Olsen twin enthusiast and thus rarely see the bad in their more quirky (fashion forward) looks.   Now, enthusiast (obsessed) or not I love what Ashley (twin left) is wearing….and I usually hate colored fur (but I love all things dark green so that seems to create a balance for me on this) and the textured fabric of her dress and the pointy toe heels evoke a feeling a wealthy lady from the 40’s or 50’s.  Its very sophisticated.  Mary-Kate’s (twin right) I am a little less in love with and would really like to see it with out the vest meant for a giant’s three piece suit…..but I respect the choice be cause she made one.  Making the choice in fashion, and sticking with it, is half the battle.

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

24 Mar

This dress feels like something stolen out of your very glamorous mama’s closet and then reworked for someone younger….like in an eighties movie montage.  The hem literally looks like it was attacked with scissors!  I could live with out the shawl neck treatment but the bodice itself is to die for.  I would have preferred the hair a bit more undone but I see Whitney Port’s point.  The booties, though beyond popular and overused these days, are an awesome, relatively badass choice and complete the certain je ne sais quoi that this look employs!

The Hills Have Eyes

24 Mar

We all know I love a sequin and we all know that I love, love, love green for evening (and if you didn’t know, well now you do) and I love formal wear with a sleeve.  So while I do at times question Audrina Patridge’s fashion choices, I am totally on board with this one.  Also, even with the short length and keyhole cut out at the chest, she continues on her new, more demure, look.  Though we could tone down the tan (although who am I to judge, I am wicked tan right now).  Keep on keeping on this path Audrina!!!

Blame it on the Bossa Nova

23 Mar

While these white, embroidered hippie chic dresses by Dolce and Gabbanna are sort of taking over the media and red carpet (see, like, 3 foreign Vogue covers, Diane Kruger etc.) I continue to really enjoy them in their sort of intricate simplicity and am loving this as a bohemian departure on Anne Hathaway.  Her wavy hair co-exists with dress beautifully and the clutch and shoes provide a nice juxtaposition of structure.  After her very colorful, 80’s esque and dramatic Oscar’s choices this feels very easy and relaxed. Also, with her stylist, Rachel Zoe, probably in labor as we speak, it’s possibly that Miss Annie pulled this together on her own (or at least with less help than usual).  Therefore: Impressed!