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The Fighter

28 Feb

So the biggest color to wear after red seems to be sparkly navy.  This “to die for” dress on Amy Adams is by the subject of a blog from last week, L’Wren Scott (I always wonder if thats the original spelling of her name).  I love that the sapphire blue sequins are accessorized with diamonds and emeralds and gorgeous Veronica Lake waves. I mean, very few can pull off a mock turtleneck and cap sleeves and still look dainty and I feel like that skirt is deceptively structured.  A-mah-zing.


“Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light…”

28 Feb

Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein.  MY ABSOLUTE HANDS DOWN FAVORITE LOOK OF THE NIGHT.  I love the Breck girl, ’70’s hair, and the Baywatch gone couture dress.  Her make-up is flawless and a-mah-zing.  A new girl crush has been born!!!

Your Face Tastes Awesome

28 Feb

The theme of this look is a departure from the norm both for Lea Michele and Roberto Cavalli (the designer).  In Lea’s case, its not pink or black, or taffeta or pouffing out any wear (its sequined and long sleeved, I can now appreciate the personal Rachel Berry comparisons and be flattered.As for Cavalli, well its so modest! It has sleeves and no crazy slits and no  massive competing cleavage.  The hair is good (I am not, however loving the matching navy nail polish….c’mon now, this isn’t homecoming).  All in all, however, this is a top look of the evening for me.

Penny and the Quarters

28 Feb

Michelle Williams in Chanel Haute Couture.  First off, I just want to touch this dress, the beading is spectacular and I bet its pretty heavy.  It had an odd see through aspect to it as well, so I’d like to get up close it and see if I was seeing tummy or just a skin colored nude under layer…..color me intrigued.  Her hair and make up were vintage ’60’s Jean Seberg/Mia Farrow perfection as per usual.  Michelle works the quirk.

Take A Drink

28 Feb

I love this dress and I am usually not an Armani girl (technically this is Giorgio Armani Prive, which has treated Anne Hathaway very well in the past but always strikes me as a little stilted and adult) but this worked very well for the Hathaway/Franco/poor beleagured Oscar’s banter writers so-called “young, hip, Oscars”.  I am dying to find out the material of this dress (its so shiny, like plastic) and the color has been deemed ‘purple sapphire’ which may or not be an actual color.  This may be my favorite dress of the whole night….I would just love to find a picture without a giant mic up the middle of it.

Almost Hear You Sigh

25 Feb

Amy Adams in L’Wren Scott.  For my straight boys, L’Wren is Mick Jagger’s (most recent) current long term girlfriend.  She is amazing at designing fitted, body conscious dresses that I often mistake for Narciso Rodriguez…..but L’Wren Scott has been making a solid impression on me and the slightly older set of hollywood ladies (no one under 30 is rocking the LS).  I love the white with the gold accessories and this dress is to die for.  So L’Wren is one to watch ….if you haven’t already been watching.

and if you can’t be with the one you love,honey…..

25 Feb

is she or isn’t she? I mean obviously we know she is but I swear, outfit wise, she is like the “he loves me/he loves me not” daisy of maternity-wear.   This dress is like ’60’s preggo wear perfection (actually its also wedding weekend perfect* but thats besides the point)  Iam even okay with the (I assume) vegan shoes…they are prommy but also vintage looking and work well.  Well done Mama P.

*as we’ve discussed numerous times, I plan to, when I am engaged, to wear white (all styles and fabrics) to every one of my wedding events….cause when else can you do that with out looking all bride-y