KFC/Taco Bell

27 Jan

Another amazing plaid choice by Mr. Eric Daman….hmmm perhaps this is more of a patchwork than a plaid but I still really like it!  Also, let’s take a minute to discuss the different colors of leather that are happening here.  Leather combinations are a HUGE drama in my life (my life isn’t all that full people, just let me have this).  Anyway, here we have a purple leather bag and brown boots…..now I think this is easier to justify than say a black bag and brown boots and the purple and brown are of a similar tonality and purple boots and a purple bag would be ridic…to say the least.  I am ok with black and gray, cream and anything, and colored leather on a case by case basis.  Brown and gray is a daily issue for me but I don’t have a ton of other options.  Leather combinations are something we will continue to discuss….so lets get psyched about that xoxo


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