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Across the River and into the Trees

30 Jan

This is my favorite dress to come down the pike in quite some time (ya know? I worry I say that a lot.  I really like a lot of things) and I am super duper serious here!  Green, shimmery, embossed (snake skin? leather) with a sort hip peplum…panier deal happening….a-mah-zing!!!!! J’adore the contrast, semi matching shoes, barely there make up and “undone” hair all on my favoritest newish model Dree Hemingway (daughter of Mariel, great-granddaughter of Ernest).  I find her necklace a little unneccessary because the dress feels like accessory enough if that makes sense.  Lets just say this has brought new life to the “little Gucci dress”


One of these things is not like the Other

29 Jan

Is it weird that I dig this???  I mean a)it totally makes sense for an oscar nominated actress to want to dress a little kooky wacky at the premiere of her new animated feature (we can’t really call them cartoons anymore can we?) and b) doesnt this totally evoke (invoke?) a sort of grown-up 2011 Rayanne from My So-Called Life????  I love how it is truly a brilliant example of how to mix two totally opposite prints that on the surface should never ever ever go together and yet? Totally somehow do.


29 Jan

Sometimes the size and weather capacity of our country amazes me.  I am trapped in my puffy coat on the east coast and Nicole Richie is wandering LA in this airy, summery maxi sundress.  She’s even wearing sandals…..god do I ever miss sandals.  I mean the dress is nice, it goes well with her shoes but I mostly posted this to torture myself.

Corners like its on Rails

28 Jan

Diane Kruger looks like Pretty Woman Barbie. This is when satin does work (as its starched and structured) and thought its paired with black shoes it really makes sense with the look.  Loves!!

KFC/Taco Bell

27 Jan

Another amazing plaid choice by Mr. Eric Daman….hmmm perhaps this is more of a patchwork than a plaid but I still really like it!  Also, let’s take a minute to discuss the different colors of leather that are happening here.  Leather combinations are a HUGE drama in my life (my life isn’t all that full people, just let me have this).  Anyway, here we have a purple leather bag and brown boots… I think this is easier to justify than say a black bag and brown boots and the purple and brown are of a similar tonality and purple boots and a purple bag would be ridic…to say the least.  I am ok with black and gray, cream and anything, and colored leather on a case by case basis.  Brown and gray is a daily issue for me but I don’t have a ton of other options.  Leather combinations are something we will continue to discuss….so lets get psyched about that xoxo


27 Jan

ok…I am going to take a positive approach to the bleak mid winter that is upon us and find pleasure in outerwear.  Few have embraced fabulous foulweather gear like the brilliant Eric Daman, the man behind the clothes of Gossip Girl.  Once an assisstant of Patricia Field (the genius behind the look of Sex and the City and her brilliant store in downtown nyc)….Daman is a master of pattern mixing…especially with plaids on Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf.  Just take a moment and embrace this jaunty combination….almost makes the snow drifts bearable, yes?

Point of Contention

26 Jan

Another one of my staple girl crushes: Gemma Arterton.  This is a lot of beige Gucci she’s got going on but she’s pulling it off pretty well and not looking too washed out.  She is so lovely and undone but I am not necesssarily loving the shoe/dress combo that’s happening here.  Something feels off with the fit of the dress and it feels like the shoes were chosen for the love of the shoes and not for what they add to look as a whole (gaaah the more I look the more I do not like the shoes at all). I do enjoy her hair and super ruddy blush choice.  Sometimes it’s just in the details, my dears.