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Hunter Wellingtons

29 Dec

or Wellies as the Brits say.  This is image that started the craze in the mid ‘aughts.  Kate Moss in her Gaga bottoms, equine like supermodel legs and her rubber muddy boots at a music festival and the trendoids of the world went “eureka, rubber boots that unlike Uggs will actually keep our feet dry!”  Now granted, alone they will keep your feet dry and cold but you can purchase fleecie inserts in many color.  I have a belove dark green rubber pair that no longer fit my broken foot but I love stealing my sister’s black pair and puddle jumping whilst looking like a 29 year old toddler.



29 Dec

How amazing are these!!!!! They are Ellery’s leather skirted shorts….so quirky and flirty.  Perfect over bare legs or black tights (or my fave new obsession maroon tights!!!) I just had to post so that they could be adored!

Sweet “Chiles” o’Mine

16 Dec

Leighton Meester at the Country Strong premiere.  I am getting super psyched for the movie. There will be singing, emoting, rehab, cute boys, romance, Grand Ol’ Opry -esque cotumes and put-on southern accents!!! What could be better to ease us into 2011.  On top of this all, how cute is Leighton in this textured dress (which sort of resembles chic muppet fur, oh thats a real fabric, or at least intricately ruffled and then shredded chiffon).  I especially love the dark peach colored shoes, which make absolutely no sense and yet are perfection*.  Another hit for La Meester!!!



15 Dec

January Jones has launched into the big leagues! I mean, sure she is already on the most awesome, critically lauded show on television (that would be Mad Men for those of you living in a box with no cable or access to any form of media at all) but now she has an ad campaign.  With Versace…..and she’s naked.  Because really is there a better way to showcase accessories than to do it with out the distraction of clothing.  I think not!

For Alan

14 Dec

Michelle my belle ….do do do do do do do do.  She has cleaned up and re pixie’d her adorable platinum hairdo (which I love…have I mentioned this) and is rocking this swan lake -esque confection of a dress.  Thank you MWilliams for not wearing a black or nude shoe.  The purple is perfection.

Mint Jewel-ep

14 Dec

In an odd, ’70’s bridesmaid dress sort of way, I rather enjoy this look.  Now I semi-disagree with it on the red carpet in december but c’est la vie.  I am not in charge (although maybe I should be).  For christmas this year I am very intrigued by Kate Bosworth’s new jewelry website  She and her stylist, Cher Coulter are designing jewelry and if you join the site for $30 a month each month you get a new piece of jewelry….silly price for a subscription but cheap(ish) for trendy chic new accessories…any takers??

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear

14 Dec

ok we are going to discuss fur once, and quickly and be done with it.  In theory (I may not be using that right) I love fur.  It’s luxurious and warm and nostalgic.  It reminds me of my parents New Year’s party that was a throw back to the ’50’s and ’60’s.  It harkens back to imagery from the wardrobe that lead to Narnia and scenes from old movies.  I still love seeing the ladies at church on Christmas bundled up in their minks and piles of fur coats on a bed during a party.

Now before PETA comes to get me, hear me out.  I know that there is no humane way to skin an animal and that to do it for decoratve and fashon purposes is cruel and unnecessary.  To be fair faux fur (just make sure its really faux, no monkey or dog hair mixed in….pull a piece, burn it you’ll know if its synthetic or not from the smell) is amazing these days.  So here’s my deal with real fur: don’t buy it new.  Flea markets, vintage stores and thrift shops have a wealth of old furs that were already made and should be put to use if you so choose.  That’s my happy medium and I am sticking to it.