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30 Nov

This may be my most favorite outfit of the fall season.  If anyone remembers my obsession with the Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 collection, I loved loved loved the full leather skirts.  They were just this amazing combo of the ’50’s, badass yet ladylike brilliance. Anne Hathway has upped the luxe level here with a smart use of satin and a neutral shoe, lighter, slightly ombred hair and red lips.  J’adore!!!


On the Good Ship Lollipop

30 Nov

Amanda Peet is so so beautiful and perpetually looks about 32 and bounces right back to her pre baby body after each of her babies is born.  However, when it comes to actually getting dressed AP struggles….she flops more often then not in fact.  She falls in the group that tend to wear to many layers, or too much jewellry or tights when she shouldn’t or the wrong shoes.  This dress however, though in my opinion its a bit juvenile for her, is actually rather lovely. Her simple pony tail showcases her greatest accessory, her gorgeous, strong face.  The shoes are not my favorite but they make sense with this ’30’s style dress.  Much improved APeet…I’m rooting for ya!


22 Nov

Now, on first glance, Ashley Olsen here looks pretty casual, chilling on the step and repeat in her sweater, A line miniskirt and black tights.  This was, however, a repeat look, one that she wore in Paris at the collections.  This salmon mini masterpiece is not so casual….it Balenciaga, fall 2010.  Knowing that, take a more in depth look at the sweater, the details, the many colors mixed to create the palette.  In these economic times, it is easy to judge and scoff at the prices of designer fashion and be incredulous as to why its so expensive.  We may disagree, would never spend our money this way, judge judge judgie judge away but fashion, and designer fashion is, at its heart and soul, art that you wear.*

*however, while I am a fan of archiving fashion and perhaps displaying vintage, cultural, or antique pieces (a beautiful obi belt or kimono on a wall or donating a designer piece to a museum collection)….I disagree with Adrienne Maloof from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who framed her own damn wedding dress and hung it in her hallway…that is something I judge.


22 Nov

I have been in love with this little number for a while.  Dree Hemingway (daughter of Mariel, Great-grand daughter of Ernest) is the face of Paco Rabanne and one of the hottest models around.  This outfit is a scrumptious mix of Prada and Fendi (if you can zoom in on those amazing Prada bird print fabric platform stack heels!!!) I love the color combo and fur trimmed sweater (back it down PETA people…I will happily discuss my views on fur and animal cruelty with each and every one of you, I don’t think we’ll be in a fight).  Anyway, love the DH and love love love this look!!

Once Upon a Dream

18 Nov

Once upon a time (1981 to be exact), in a land far, far away (or England) a royal couple was married in the most watched television event ever(or up until that point at least and I think they got more or as many viewers , at least in America, as Luke and Laura from General Hospital’s wedding did that year). Anyway, jump forward 30 years (wow yeah that hurts a little) and the engagement ring that Charles gave to Diana is now being worn by Kate Middleton, the fiancee of their older son Prince William.   Take a good look, that’s a whopping, giant sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds.  Evidently, what I thought was a new trend (see Jessica Simpson’s new ruby focused engagement ring) is actually 30 (ooh gah again, ouch) years in the making.  Congrats to the lovely couple, I have been told I was present at that royal wedding many (30) moons* ago, but I was an infant, so tiny, sooooo young, possibly still in utero (I could verify that but I’m not gonna). This time, summer 2011, I’ll be watching. Consciously, that is.

*lets just say that moons = years in this metaphor

“I thought M and N were too similar and I got frustrated”

17 Nov

Oh, Anne Hathaway, sometimes you just impress me so!!!!!  This little feathery mod yet not mod concoction is just so lovely and fun.  I am back on my fringie/feather kick (see $995 maribou and wool skirt in j.Crew) and this just makes me grin in fashion giddiness.  I want to get a picture of her moving in it because I bet it is fabby-loo in motion.   I even enjoy the strappy sandals.  Loves it AH, good on ya!

“You look terrible, I look awesome”

17 Nov

So not shockingly, this is super weird and impractical and I freaking love it!!!!  Leighton Meester is really making her mark amongst the starlets as a fashion risk taker and though she is bolstered by the brilliance that is Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman, it takes personal ballsiness to pull a jumpsuit like this off.  This piece is a gorgeous mix of tough and delicate and anything accessorized with Harry Winston diamonds is given a boost.  See FS@L VI on fb for a close up of her quirky make up!!! Bravo LM, I salute you and your bravery!