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another ’70’s style shoot

26 Oct

Just a quick update to keep us current here on the blog.  This is Lindsay Wixon, she’s a new it girl in the modeling world.  The editors love to dress her up in late ’60’s early 70’s garb….which is not surprising with her quirky but all- american looks. So hello Lindsay, I’m sure we’ll be seeing you.


Not Nada

26 Oct

Prada!!!! These bags are perfect for fall! Woven, contrasting colors….the black and red feels a little central american influenced, a little day of the dead or those bags you can purchase on the street made of llama or alpaca wool and the cross body strap is so fabulous and necessary.  The larger one is the perfect blend of hippie and lady like…very Grace Kelly on a farm.  Now if only they were in my price range.

So Good Bye Norma Jean….

18 Oct

Forgive Michelle Williams the super bleached hair, she is filming a Marilyn Monroe biopic right now (and can we give a holla up for that please??)  This outfit, however, is perfection personified.  Red lace, Mad Men-esque dress, paired with skin print shoes???? Fn genius!!!  I am obsessed and overwhelmed.  So quirky and yet so brilliant.  Well done, Mdubs.

Layer Cake

18 Oct

Welcome to fall.  Fall in celebrity land (well boho chic young celebrity land) means sweaters, boots, jackets, scarves, hats and the crazy layering and pairings that the girls throw together.  Sienna Miller is fabulous example, not quite as homeless chic as an Olsen but still this jacket is a tad on this side of cray cray.  We can all have a who hates/judges fur argument another day however….ok?

Something Borrowed

18 Oct

Ginnifer Goodwin my perrenial Girl Crush.  Love love love the hair and I am so so so glad that she isn’t growing it out.  I don”t love the black shoe with the white dress but the dress itself makes up for it. It fits in perfectly with my bridal events outfit theory*  Her make up and accessories are very dark but simple and statementish.  I loves the GG.

*have we never discussed the bridal outfit theory, the BOT if you will?  It’s pretty simple.  You get engaged and between engagement and wedding you wear white to all your events that are related to you being a bride….that way you can indulge in fabulous little white dresses that you can’t wear to other girls wedding and if you are having a summer wedding you can still have a white velvet moment in the winter, and vice versa, etc. and otherwise.

I Didn’t Steal Your Boyfriend

13 Oct

Love her or hate her, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is a fashion forward mamasita.  Her hair has been every color under sun, and up until this week she was a pioneer of the most severe version of ombre hair.  Then yesterday she debuted this. An adorable, platinum, 2010 pixie cut with fabulous fringie bangs.  I love it! She looks modern and sassy and if my hair could handle this I would join her in a second.  Well done AS-W.


7 Oct

I am loving this cheeky Roger Vivier clutch for fall.  Its a departure from the subdued, lady like shapes and tones this season, it feels very Carrie Bradshaw and I like that it seems to be made out of lanyard material…sort of like a kids project but from some sort of Troop Beverly Hills-Camp Fabulous couture collection.