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30 Sep

So we all know I love Rachel Bilson’s style.  Rarely, though, do we get to see her all dressed up.  She rocked this amazing leopard gown at the Roberto Cavalli event during Milan Fashion Week.  I love that she was able to keep her hipster, cali girl essence while embracing a very dramatic european designer (I mean Cavalli is basically Versace  with less geometric shapes and more chiffon, probably equal amounts of glitz).  She is using red as neutral with the clutch (red is so my color for fall).  She kept true to herself with the messy undone hair ‘do and she can do very little wrong in my eyes.  Loves!


Combo Platter

30 Sep

Matthew Williamson, beloved, bright, british designer has teamed up with Bulgari on a hand bag line. The colors are jeweltoned and outlandish but reigned in with a funky meets lady- like shape.  Totes a door bell!

To the Max

28 Sep

So this is a huge look for fall!! the return of the maxi skirt! and this maxi skirt has ruffles!!!  Now Ms. Palermo here is styled perfectly. Only the tallest of the tall waify girls can wear a maxi with a diaphonous top…the rest of us need to make a deal with the proportion devil.  Balance the long, fluffy skirt with a fitted top and cropped jacket (all wardrobe staples anyway).  I am almost excited for the cold weather now…almost.


28 Sep

The Alexis Bittar Horn of Plenty single earring….reminiscent of a pair I had in 2002 that I truly believed made it look as though I had large gage plugs in my ears.  This, of course, is the couture diamond crusted version of that punk look I so desired.  It’s a little bit bad ass and lot a bit sparkly and pretty. I approve.


23 Sep

ok, if Gwen Stefani is wearing sheer black tights that means this trend is happening!!! Not that I don’t love and treasure the wardrobe staple that is opaque black tights (so slimming!) but it’s nice to have an alternative that won’t involve freezing to death on a winter night out in the city.

Vroom Vroom

23 Sep

The Balenaciaga Motorcycle bags have been a celeb (and people with $1000+ to drop on a purse) staple for close to 6 years now.  The original version was a favorite of Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie, working with their punk hippie aesthetic, the bag had a super chic broken down slouch to it that looked effortless and only got more attractive as the leather aged, faded, and cracked.  The bags became a street and low end store knock offs dream (I had the duffle size in tan, the hand bag in white and 2 or 3 going out clutches at the height of the trend).  The bag was revived after a year or 2 when the stud details were enlarged and and done in shiny gold.  While the bag has been reissued each year it has remained in its same, rock and roll, good girl gone bad, boho  vein for the most part.  Until now….to go with the lady like handbag trend of fall 2010 the moto bag has been reworked into a ladylike structured hand bag for the modern Jackie O in us all.  It still has its studs, tassels and slightly off colors but it looks like Balenciaga had a torrid affair with a classic Hermes shape and produced this precious jewel of a pocketbook that I can hopefully buy a version of at Target asap.


20 Sep

 Our first sighting of Kate Moss during fashion week. Sure she’s rocking eskimo chic but she’s doing it with black basics and she continues to push the revival of the sharp pointy toe pump.  She tops this all off with a” Brigitte Bardot hasnt washed her hair in a few days but it still looks fabulous” hair do’.  Love the KMoss.