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“You’re My Precious Jewel”

28 Jul

Banana’s.  A-Mazing. I die.  Oh yes. Its that time again. Time for Team Zoe to return and entertain the living bejeezus out of us all (or at least me).  This season Taylor is gone, Rachel is even busier with her branding and styling of  celebs (yes  that is Demi Moore in the Alexander McQueen armadillo stilletto’s posing for Bazaar in the promos) and mysterious stress diseases.  Plus,she and Brad now have a self proclaimed “unbreakble trust”.  She is still super skinny, rocking the caftans and the sunnies, making up words left and right and hoping to ,at some point, give birth to a baby named Scarlett Begonia (cause deep down, way deep, sub terranian deep we are talking, she is still that Dead Head, patchouli scented hippie (thats tea she’s drinking, not coffee people! Hippie) from LI who popped on the scene when I was still blonde and she was still named Rachel Zoe Rosensweig ca.2002.Lord would I kill to find that Bazaar article, I tell you…and we wonder why I save (hoard) magazines) I mean, next tuesday needs to get here now! Look at that coat!!!! Its crazy awesome. Now to get us all through until august 3rd Bravo has been running some RZP mini marathons and I am so loving’s awesome (Rachel approved) parody’s . They are totes hilairs.


7th Heaven

27 Jul

ok Lunchers here we go….we are going to ignore the boring, albeit possibly Chanel bag (um hey JB ladylike structure for fall 2010, ya with me? no? well what are you going to do?), lets breeze past the Roger Vivier flats (I just dont get those unless you are like 50+ years old and that said, Mom, these are a no for you if you ever start dropping over $400 on shoes, we are gonna be Lanvin girls, cause we super cool like Demi Moore, because she is styled by RZ and well you can see where I am going with this…..) and we will wash over the top cause, well just look at it, I’m bored already.  However, I did not just subject you to the world’s longest run on sentence for nothing because OMFG: look at that skirt!!!!! Its a pencil skirt! With an asymetrical peplum! In celery (celadon ? yes ? no? pantone expert in the house?) green.  That skirt is printemps et ete all rolled into one (please excuse my lack of accents but sometimes the computer is still magic television to me and I can’t get it to follow my every whim, Rome wasn’t built in a day people!). So anyway, its just about the prettiest skirt that ever was and I love it. A lot. Like a lot, a lot. I’m gonna stop now. Really pretty skirt. Done. and done.

Carol Ferris

26 Jul

Now normally, I hate black and white as a combo. It screams cater water and lazy to me (black and cream are fine, navy and white but black and white just shows a lack of ambition and creative thought process). Blake Lively, however, is pulling this “color” combo off smashingly.  I even like the cutesy striped shoes pulling the look together.  We all know I love a crazy high waist, cause if you have a flat tummy and can pull off volume where many have pooch you so should.  Also, Blake Lively has an awesome rack.  That’s right, I said it.  The Daily Intel refers to it as it’s own character on Gossip Girl.  Now this top causes me some worry, much like eva’s (one wrong move and ker plow, slippage!) but still I support her and  her choices.  Bravo BL!

Oh Sookie Sookie

26 Jul

I like that this dress looks like it was detailed in watercolor blood.  I hope that it was chosen because of that reason.  I mean I realize walking around in actual bloody dress is unrealistic (I am talking to you Gagaloo0) but I like the idea, or impression of what you are promoting being evident.  I seriously need to start watching True Blood.


26 Jul

 I grow to enjoy Eva Mendes more and more everyday.  She just seems like a smart sassy chick who would sit down, drink some vino, maybe sneak a cigarette and tell a good story.  I also like that she is deceptively thin* it makes her feel more approachable. Bearing all that  in mind lets talk about this dress. The material here is awesome, I love the gasoline rainbow color palate, its sparkly but not gaudy (is that lurex or whatever the equivalent of pricey lurex would be? glimmering cashmere? ) but the fit here causes me some concern.  I mean, one tug down and we have a whole different kind of show for the Comic Con crowd. It just looks precarious and I would assume feels as such and who wants to worry about nipple slippage when promoting a movie. Not I and not my buddy Eva, I presume.

*deceptively skinny: girls who in reality aren’t packing on the lbs but have enough “curves” to not look emaciated in photos i.e. Eva Mendes, Penelope Cruz, Blake Lively, Bethenny Frankel to name a few….

la bella vita

23 Jul

I don’t know about you but I love a good dance movie.  Center Stage, Step Up 1,2 and the upcoming 3D, Save the Last Dance, that random Neve Campbell flick from 10 years ago etc….ooh the Company! it was called the Company, wow that was living somewhere deep deep in my brain, god knows holding space where something much ,much more pertinent needed to be…..anyway, moving on. This year ballet is meeting fashion is meeting brilliant, avant garde filmaker is meeting interesting casting choices with The Black Swan.  Directed by Darren Aronofsky, starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Barbara Hershey, Winona Ryder and costumed by RODARTE!!!!!! it will premiere at the Venice Film Festival and I cannot wait for it to land stateside!!!!! First Rodarte does Target, now a make up collection for MAC and then ballerinas!?!?! I can die happy.Its like visual christmas, presents for my eyeballs.

The Simple Life

23 Jul

So for starters, who knew these two were friends (look behind Nicole and thats Christina Aguilera). More importantly though who here does not love what Nicole’s wearing? We have a mix of ripped jeans and a slouchy white t shirts, mixed with a paillette covered jacket patterned to resemble snake skin and a completely different snake skin patterned clutch!  And what are these boots she has on? do they have lazered cut outs? I am so excited by everything that is happening here!!!! Mix your prints and your textures.  Do not fear the high low juxtaposition! if you have quality pieces (not expensive per se but more of artistic and quirky substance) anything is possible!!!! Commit and be brave!