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pre requisite

30 Jun

fab sugarI went to a bar on the LES a few weeks ago for a friend’s birthday.  Evidently, we missed a memo (pretty sure the memo only went out the under 21 crowd) and that memo had to do with the ressurgence of the ’90’s , pre-low rise jean short: the brenda walsh short if you will. literally every girl in there was rocking them, some better, than others.  Here you will see Emma Watson (who is under 21, quel suprise) working the look…and a very Brenda Walsh top as well.  The belt however screams Kelly Taylor.  The Louis Vuitton bag however rips us away from the Brenda -Kelly (pre Dylan triangle) flashback and places us firmly in 2010.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


Factory Girl

30 Jun

I want to, like, rent a shelf in Sienna Miller’s closet and just live there.  Oh these strappy wedge sandals that everyone wears in black in cream instead? got ’em.  awesome fawn colored suede shorts? dunzo. quirky undergarments? check. demurely see through top? score…..the list goes on and on.  Judge her all you want, chickie has an amazing sense of style that feels natural and organic to her (even money and the luck from the good body fairy can’t give fabulous personal style, its something you are born with….or are smart enough to employ someone very talented to assist * you in).

*maybe me?!? i definitly have a style lean and agenda but i am willing to adjust….for a price 🙂 xoxo

la vie en rose

30 Jun

or la vie en rose gold vampire grill belonging to one Lady Gaga.  This was evidently a object of extreme desire.  Honestly, short of the I’m sure ridic cost to have this grill produced, i think its pretty cool.  She looks like vampire Madonna….halloween 2010 anybody?

some said legos

30 Jun

but I saw this and thought: Jenga boots.

in my opinion….

29 Jun

KStew….this brassy, non color* is very flattering on you.  And so is your herve leger meets johnny weir dress!  but i like that you are keep your (well yours via joan jett meets forks) darkness about you.   you are attempting a through line, a constant if you will…and i can respect that.

*just guessing but this hair color leads me to assume that kristen will be actually blond or light brown in the next few weeks…this color tends to happen during a stripping process to get from one color to another …..the more you know (shooting star)


29 Jun

so i have a little Angelina thing…..i mean i am totally team aniston and Angie is way too thin but still…she is just the (an) epitome of beautiful.  My fave Jolie look is blonde, crazy, cracked out Lisa in Girl, Interrupted, why are y’all not surprised?

Just Gonna Stand Here and Watch Me Burn……..

29 Jun

Ri Ri! sometimes you lose me…but this brought me back around! this red hair brightened my day. Grazie.